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Best lobster spots in Marathon, FL


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What You Need To Know


Bring a throw buoy with you with at least 15’ of rope that is attached to a heavy weight. This is so that as you approach your GPS destination hole, you can visually see it, mark it, and swing back around and find it again easily.

Tip #2

Bring a very small reef/rock anchor with you with about 20’ of rope attached. It is much easier for your divers to harvest the lobster when they are not fighting the current. I always have a diver go down and place the anchor somewhere in the hole or ledge and then we tie it up to the back cleat on the boat. This allows them to go up and down the anchor line and save their strength. It also allows for the people topside to have good view of what’s happening down in the water because they are right over the hole.

Tip #3

Go to a local tackle/dive shop and buy deep nets. Deep nets hold the lobster better. The cheap nets you can buy at Kmart or Wal-Mart don’t get the job done, they are too shallow. There is a place on Cudjoe Key, which is west of Big Pine; called Cudjoe Sales that caters to commercial fishermen. They also sell these nets.